Equipment for Hire - usually as part of a meeting/ event package
Hitachi CP-X380SJ PC/ Video Projector 2000 lumen brightness , real XGA (VGA-U-XGA Capable) plus Hi-Vision LCD type, wide-angle lens for large screen (up to 300 inch) performance in smaller rooms Gyromouse Remote control and desk-free mouse RF PS2 mouse with charger, enables walkaround presentation and PC control


Marshall MAVR53P 3 x 5モ LCD Monitors in one unit Each screen has 2 video and 1 VGA input enabling easy monitoring of images. Ideal for control desk monitoring of cameras and video sources. 75ス Video input/ output


Extron P/2 DA1 Line Driver Distribution Amplifier 1 PC inputs to 1 output For sending a PC signal over long distances, ideal to boost the weak signal from modern laptops


Sony DSC 1024 HD/ G Digital Standards Converter PC and video inputs to PC and video output For converting between PC and Video images, switching, colour/size correction and ensuring a consistent output. Recommended when PC and video images are being shown together. 1024HD - 2 x PC/ 1 x Video 1024G - 1 x PC/ 2 x Video


Altinex DA 1906SX RGB Distribution Amplifier 1 PC input to 3 outputs For sending a PC signal to multiple outputs



Altinex MXR 0404 Matrix Switcher 4 PC inputs to 4 outputs. Sophisticated routing of any input to any output. Ideal for multi-screen events


I2 Indicator Set Chairman/ Speaker Warning Light Red/ amber/ green メtraffic lightモ style warning light, with flashing option 2 compact units, connected by standard XLR microphone cables.


Altinex MX2416 Switcher 6 PC inputs to one output Simple operation for single output selection of multiple inputs


I2 Countdown Set Time Management Set For broadcast, time critical and other events where timing is critical. Highly visible minute/ second timing 2 compact units, connected by standard XLR microphone cables 99:59 - 00:00 Countdown 00:00 - 99:59 Count-up


Sharp LC104S2 High quality LCD Display Stereo bilingual TV, with upside-down mode for convenience on stands or wall mounting


im5 Cue Lamp Button or Remote Control handset Simple forward and reverse cueing, Instead of shouting out next slide, push the button for a professional operator to control the presentation Runs over standard XLR mike cable


Extron VTG 200 Video Signal Test Generator To ensure accurate projection and to enable set-up before arrival of speakers PCs


im5 Laser Pointer With focusing lens Simple, convenient action, with unique focusing lens to ensure optimum screen brightness



Totoku CDL-1507A 15モ LCD Monitor Hi-resolution VGA-SXGA PC Spec and PAL/ NTSC video Available in standard version for a chairman or panelistユs table or the speakerユs version on a flat stand, so that they can see the image directly in front of them on the podium.


Yamaha 12:4:2 Mixer 12 channels 4 buses stereo mixer Good basic mixer for events with built-in digital effects and extensive outputs and monitoring. Enables feed to Interpretation System,



Reflecta AF-MC 35 mm with 90mm lens Llong remote control cable, modified with thyristor controlled bulb for smooth fade-in and fade-out, auto-focus Suitable CS, UNI, LKM Magazines and Reflecta Rotary 750 Lumen 150W Halogen bulb


Spirit by Soundcraft Folio Notepad High quality Mini-mixer Ideal for small events or connecting PCs/ Video/ CD/ MD to a house system



Reflecta 35 mm Auto with 90mm lens Automatic continuous projection function - , thyristor controlled bulb for smooth fade-in and fade-out, auto-focus, slide viewer/ reading light, Suitable CS, UNI, LKM Magazines and Reflecta Rotary 750 Lumen 150W Halogen bulb


AT 841a Plate/ Boundary Mike Very low profile, high quality microphone for discrete podium or table-top recording, with own phantom power capability