Clinical Trial Training

A group of clinical trial physicians about to conduct the trial of a new drug were checked for their competence in diagnosing disease, using the ARS and photographs of various clinical conditions. Their individual accuracy and degree of spread collectively were determined, and areas that needed improvement and further education were noted. The trial coordinators and CRAs were also assessed for their knowledge of trial procedures, data management, handling of tissue samples, and managing inquiries. im5 was responsible for all of the technical aspects of this bilingual event, with all slides and questions being presented in both English and Japanese.



Client Meeting

Around 100 clients of an international bank attended a currency forum in Tokyo. im5 was technical director for the video system, and programmed all the questions in Japanese. The ARS was used to determine client levels of understanding of currency issues, and receive their ideas on future trends.



Motivational Meeting

Around 500 employees of an international sports goods company attended a motivational boot camp in the Tohoku countryside. im5 was technical director for the 4 screen video system, managed the video, and programmed all the questions in Japanese. The ARS was used to determine employee levels of understanding before and after the event, and to evaluate their co-workers strategic plans for the next 3 years. Ice-breakers and humorous questions were used to introduce the system, and also determine everyones' opinion of the 2-day camp.


Financial Forum

Around leading 20 bankers in Tokyo were asked for their opinions on Global Financial standards, and to comment on their responses. im5 coordinated and provided the voting and presentation systems, as well as full microphone mixing for the event, which included a number of ad-hoc questions. Results and analysis of the meeting were fed back to the organisers within hours that same day.


Message Manager/ Question Wizard

A leading pharmaceutical company sponsored a regional satellite conference at a cancer symposium. im5 managed both the regular Question Wizard and the advanced Message Manager. During the case studies, the audience were able to answer questions on the management of the patients, while during the open discussion, the audience were able to text full questions which were displayed on the screen for the panelists, chairperson and audience to address.



Website Launch Event

A leading US media and publishing congolmerate organised a forum in Tokyo, to introduce its new digital media programme and website. im5 managed all the technical aspects of the event, including preparing and editing the sponsors' video, managing the audience response system to collect and modify the audience's opinion, live presentation and recording of the CEO's message with a teleprompter, and editing of the video for the website. Following the success of the event, the CEO recommended to use the system at all meetings!


Chairman's Forum

A leading US Bank organised a series of chairman's forums around the world, to carry the message of top management to their leading executives and vice-presidents. im5 managed all the technical aspects of the event, which combined video clips from the chairman, a series of educational clips to highlight dilemmas in the workplace, the audience response system to collect and modify the audience's opinion, and live presentation of the COO's message, with a detailed Q & A session.


Cardiology Forum

A leading European pharmaceutical company organised a seminar on one of its drugs, with experts from all around the world. Questions were posed to the audience to discover their knowledge of cardiology, metabolism and pathology, as well as pharmacology. im5 bridged the gap between the overseas event producerts and Japanese technical staff to manage the event, as well as giving guidance on making the questions.


Banking Quiz

A leading investment bank opened it's regional executive meeting with an "Ice-breaker" quiz, designed to introduce members to each, and test knowledge of the bank. Using a combination of video, audio and graphics to support the questions, participants were graded both by division and individually, and to motivate staff, both top and bottom scorers were identified. The winner was awarded a luxurious dinner for two in Tokyo, while losers were exhorted to learn more about their employer. The im5 multimedia team worked to develop the questions right up until the event started, and delivered a flawless event.


Asian Corporate Governance Association

To introduce the concept of electronic voting to corporate executives, two complete audience response systems were provided by im5 to this presitgious event, which was used throughout the day. As familiarity grew with the system, speakers requested more questions for their sessions, which im5 were able to prepare quickly. Following the event, detailed question and answer breakdown was provided to all participants.


Multisite Event - Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

To celebrate the first year of sales of its latest product, a pharmaceutical company organised an event for 1,200 physicians, divided between Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Speakers in all three places were able to discuss and argue over the latest treatments for coronoary heart disease, and the iml handsets enabled instant cross tabulation of the response from physicians and surgeons to be compared, as well as by region.


Multisite Event - Tokyo and Osaka

A pharmaceutical company wanted to compare medical decisions between Kansai and Kanto. 500 physicians were invited to each venue, and were able to respond together to questions. As well as dividing up by location, medical speciality was also analysed in the decision making process. Voting was instantaneous, and the data collected was utilised by the company.


Pension Funding Workshop

Fund managers and other leading financial specialists were asked to give their thoughts on Pension Funding. Questions were integrated into the speakers presentations, and responses from individual attendees were collected for post event analysis.


Chairman's Forum

A leading financial services company held a two-day workshop for its senior management staff to reinforce the need for high ethical standards of conduct. Working with a specially-produced video, staff were asked to comment on behaviour, and moderators delved deep into motivation and beliefs. Instant evaluation of responses enabled quick assessment, and the flexibility of the iml system enabled ad-hoc questions to be given.


Clinical Parametrics Workshop

2 day workshop on Parametrics in Clinical trials, for both Japanese and foreign drug companies. Spontaneous questions were made within seconds, with all responses recorded. Full AV support was also provided to the workshop. This annual meeting is one of a series held around the world, and clinical trial practices between the 3 major regions of the world are compared.


Cardiology Case Studies

Groups of physicians diagnosed patients based on gradually revealing data. Points were awarded for good decisions, points were deducted for costly or wrong decisions. Non-linear presentation techniques with reference slides ensured that controversial issues and clinical errors were addressed promptly. MS-PowerPoint slides were used with 35 mm slide projectors for histopathology images.


International Multisite Finance Meeting

120 bankers in Tokyo, New York and London were asked for their opinions on Global Financial standards, using the client's own WAN and video conferencing system. The system was able to distinguish between opinions in the 3 countries, as well as asking questions in the local language related to the national business. This annual meeting is also held in other countries, using their local ARS.


New car dealer launch meeting

200 dealers were able to evaluate their company's new car model at a launch meeting. Using keypads in memory mode, answers were completed in the car, while impressions were fresh, and downloaded on return to the venue.


Clinical Trials Symposium

A leading Clinical Research Organisation presented its new services towards Japan registration to key executives from the pharmaceutical industry. Detailed data was collected on everyone's opinion, and differences in medical opinions from around the world were highlighted, and used to stimulate an exciting Q & A session.


Environmental forum for public

The pros and cons of nuclear power plant in a remote part of Japan were debated by citizens, while a panel of experts from industry, media and local politics provided continuity and questions for the audience to reply to.


Gastroenterology Diagnosis and Treatment Consensus Guideline Workshop

50 leading gastroenterologists divided into groups to review all the data in a diagnostic and therapeutic area, and then made presentations recommending the best practices. Following this, they voted and proposed guidelines for all their colleagues, incorporating their recommendations.


Training for Intensive Care Nurses

Patient information was presented to groups of nurses, who had to decide on the diagnosis of the medical condition, and what was the most appropriate treatment intervention. EKG, ultrasound, X-ray and lab results were all discussed and assessed, and correct answers were given and explained.


1,000 Neurologists Video Review

An audience of nearly 1,000 neurologists and other physicians reviewed a video of a patient with a mental health condition. Questions of the diagnosis, cause, management and prognosis were asked to the audience, with a panel of experts commenting on their responses. Non-linear presentation and prompt collection of responses enabled a lively forum.


Financial Services MD Event

A group of international executives and directors from a leading financial services company used the system to evaluate their performance in the Asia-Pacific region. Following the evaluation session, strategies to improve and develop their postion were discussed and voted upon.


World Cancer Open Forum East meets West

Audience participants were divided in to "East" and "West", and asked to respond to a number of questions during a symposium on gastric cancer. Using the interactive software analytical tools, similarities and differences in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis were highlighted between the two groups, and a panel of experts advised on the most appropriate choice, considering each regions resources and healthcare environment.


Xmas Quiz

A Christmas Quiz was developed to liven up a company's party. Staff were able to answer questions about; Christmas, Sports, Music, Celebrities and Idols, Company products and personalities. Staff were divided into teams, and competed both individually and as a team. There were winners for each round, and an overall winner.


Hypertension Meeting - Japan

Focusing on treament of hypertension, with the introduction of a new drug. "Before and After" analysis of the questions showed that the presentations and discussion did change attendees perceptions and beliefs, and that many would now choose the new drug, or at least try it.


Micromarketing programmes from presentation

The demographic, pyschographic and behavioural data obtained from individual data gathering was used by sales and marketing departments in the micromarketing programmes. Staff chose materials and promotional technique based upon question asked at a previous meeting.


Corporate Globalisation and Management

A leading international pharmaceutical company took its top managers and directors away for a 3-day workshop, reviewing the company's policies, attitudes and strategic thinking. Using the interactive system, they were able to learn of areas where their direction needed improving, as well as empowering staff to decide on priorities for planning and budget.


Telecommunication company

A newly-merged telecommunication company held an open meeting with its existing and potential customers to explain their policies, and find out how their customers reacted to the new ideas. Different motivations and drivers were revealed, and although few questions were asked verbally, the company took a lot of data away with them, for analysis and follow-u.